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Balloon Decor

From $75 per metre - Grab n Go - Organic Balloon Garland

Effortlessly elevate your event with our Grab ‘n’ Go Organic Garland. This pre-made balloon garland includes 3M Command Hooks for easy DIY installation, perfect for walls or your own stand. Delivery and installation available for an additional fee.

$150 - Branded Balloon Column

Elevate your event with our custom Branded Balloon Columns! Perfect for corporate events, grand openings, and trade shows, these columns feature your logo and brand colours for a professional and eye-catching display. Made with high-quality balloons, they ensure a long-lasting and impactful presence.

$350 - Black Chiara Arch with 3M of balloons and vinyl decals

Add a touch of elegance to your event with our Black Chiara Arch. Featuring 3 meters of artfully arranged balloons and personalised vinyl decals, this stylish setup makes a striking statement for any celebration.

$390 - Half Hoop with 4M of Balloons

Transform your corporate event or business celebration with our custom-branded half hoop balloon display. Featuring approximately 4 meters of vibrant balloons and personalized vinyl decals, this stylish installation adds a professional and festive touch to any setting, perfect for making a lasting impression.

$400 - Themed Arch with 3-4M of Balloons

Bring your celebration to life with our themed Chiara Arches, each spanning 90 cm wide and 1.8 m high. Choose from exciting themes like Dinosaur (Brachiosaurus, Velociraptor, T-Rex), Superhero (Hammer Hero, Iron Hero, Superhero Squad), Winter Sisters (Snowman, Winter Sisters, Ice Harvester & Reindeer), Unicorn, or Pup Heroes. These vibrant arches, adorned with decorative foil balloon accents, serve as stunning backdrops and statement pieces, perfect for making any event unforgettable.

$395 - Triangle Arch with 4-5M of balloons - 3 Colours

Elevate your event with our elegant Gold Triangle Arch, adorned with 4-5m of balloons, floral decals, and a personalised acrylic sign. This stunning setup adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to any celebration, making it perfect for photo backdrops and grand entrances.

$475 - Shimmer Wall with 3M of Balloons

Create a stunning focal point at your event with our balloon backdrop featuring a 2m x 2m black shimmer wall elegantly adorned with 3 meters of vibrant balloons.

$490 - Triangle Arch with 4-5M of Balloons - 5 Colours & Signage

Make a bold statement at your event with our exquisite Tropical Triangle Arch. This impressive setup features a geometric gold frame adorned with 4-5 metres of vibrant balloons in your chosen palette, complemented by decorative foil balloon accents and a personalised 60cm acrylic round sign. Ideal for weddings, birthdays, or corporate events, it adds tropical flair and creates a stunning entrance or backdrop for memorable photos.

$500 - Under the Sea Half Hoop with 4M of balloons and Foil Decals

Dive into a captivating undersea adventure with our Half Hoop Balloon Display. Featuring five vibrant colours, personalised vinyl decals, and shark foil balloons, this display on a white hoop stand brings oceanic wonder to your event

$730 - Tropical Green Wall with 4-5M of balloons plus Palm Tree

Elevate your event with our Greenery Wall backdrop, adorned with 4-5 metres of balloons, decorative foil accents, and lush foliage, complemented by a stunning Palm Tree Balloon Sculpture. Ideal for weddings, corporate gatherings, or themed parties, it creates a lush and vibrant atmosphere.

$815 - Themed Chiara Arch Set with 8M Balloons

Enchant your event with our Grand Unicorn Balloon Backdrop. Featuring three whimsical Chiara arches and 8 metres of vibrant balloons, it's perfect for creating a magical focal point at any celebration.

$950 - Themed Backdrop with 8M of balloons

Create a whimsical atmosphere at your child's party with our themed balloon backdrop. Perfect for movie, TV show, or character themes, this setup adds magic and charm to any celebration.

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