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Frequently Asked Questions


General FAQ

I would like to make a change/cancel my order, is this possible, do you offer a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a refund but we do offer a date change and will try our best to accommodate you.


If you would like to make any changes to your order, we require 7 business days’ notice in advance of your delivery/installation date. If you inform us within 7 business days, a 25-50% charge of the overall value will apply in addition to the original payment, due to the nature of the product, having already ordered your stock, the possibility of reordering stock and express shipping costs.


On the unlikely chance of cancellation due to notifiable disease (i.e. COVID-19) or force majeure (natural and unavoidable catastrophes due to weather) the same will apply as above, Phantasy Party Theming will try and accommodate a date move.


We take the health and safety of your family and guests as well as our staff very seriously and have upgraded our already stringent cleaning practices in line with government guidelines. We recommend that guests stay at home and not attend if feeling unwell.

Our policies and procedures will change as the public health orders and restrictions change, and we will update you as and when these changes occur with regards to any potential impact this may have on your event. There are currently no ongoing COVID restrictions in place by the QLD or Federal governments. 

Is your business licensed and insured? 

Yes, your party is our priority and you can rest assured that you and your children are in safe hands. We are a fully insured business with all of our onsite suppliers operating with valid Working With Children Checks (WWC).

Out of stock product(s)

We work with multiple wholesale party suppliers to ensure we can have access to a wide range of stock and availability. We will exhaust all of our options in the first instances, however, in very rare circumstance that we may encounter a shortage of a product, being a particular colour or print design, we reserve the right to provide an alternative colour or printed balloon matched as close as the one that has been ordered. 

Can I change the venue?

We service the Sunshine Coast from Glasshouse Mountains to Noosa. If you change the venue, depending on the new location additional travel fees may apply. If the venue is out of our travel distance, we have the right to cancel, without refund.


Balloons FAQ

Am I able to customize my order?

Yes. Some products offer limited customisation such as custom vinyl on a balloon with a limit number of characters. If you would like to change the product further (beyond colours) with, for example, different style of balloons or extra balloons or theme-specific balloons we are happy to do it. Some extra cost may apply depending on the requirement. Please send us the base product and your ideas to


Will the product I receive be the exact same as the photo?

Photos listed in our website and social media accounts are for reference only. Most of our products are very similar to the ones in the photos but we reserve the right to slightly modify it for a better, more impactful result or to better match the theme or occasion of your celebration.

Setup / Installation

We are dedicated to ensuring that we are on time for all of our bookings but we cannot be held responsible for delays due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic holdups or extreme weather conditions. We will contact you on the telephone number provided if unforeseen problems occur.

We reserve the right to alter decorations where necessary if the original design is unsuitable on the day.

If the event is outdoors, we will not be held responsible for balloons being damaged as a result of weather conditions.

We request that you arrange access to the venue for the time arranged. We cannot be held responsible for any delays incurred due to problems accessing the venue.

Balloons can pop. Whilst we use the highest quality balloons and take every precaution necessary to ensure that they last throughout your event, once the balloons leave our door, or we have left the venue, they are out of our control. We will not be held liable for any damage caused to or by the balloons once decoration/delivery is complete.

How long does set up / installation take?

Installation and set up times can drastically vary depending on the scope of your event and staff available but typically take between 1-3 hours. We will discuss access and setup times for your event, and quote accordingly.

How long do your balloon designs last?

Our balloon designs are made up of air-filled latex balloons. In the right (indoor) conditions, the balloons will stay inflated for at least a week, probably more. However, over time the balloons will start to develop a cloudy appearance and begin to look tired, particularly in the summer months, if exposed to sunlight. The balloons will look their best on the day of your event. After that, we can’t offer any guarantee of their longevity if installed for any length of time.

We only use high quality premium branded balloons. We also create a lot of custom colours by double stuffing balloons (a balloon inside a balloon) making them look more luxe and thicker, this ensures the quality and finish to our designs are highest quality.


In the correct circumstances/environment, our displays can last up to six weeks. Clients have said they have lasted longer but we would never guarantee!

How do I look after my balloons?

Balloons react to your environment. Your balloon’s favourite environment is:


  • to be indoors, at normal room temperature

  • away from intense heat, such as radiators

  • away from direct sunlight


Exposing your balloons to too much heat will cause them to pop. In the summer months, exposure to sunlight will give your latex balloons a cloudy appearance – the clear latex/confetti balloons and darker coloured latex balloons are most affected by the sun. Light and pastel solid colour balloons are a good choice for summer events. Ideally, latex balloons should be in a cool area and out of direct sunlight.


Balloons should also be kept away from cold conditions and radiators that are on. Temperature can make latex shrink, stretch and pop. So looking after them is super important!


Indoor installations can last up to 6 weeks but outdoor installations need to be set up the day of your event and we wouldn’t guarantee they would last more than that day.

Important Information

We pride ourselves in ensuring every detail of your event is perfect. We install your designs on the date planned and also have delivery/collection options available.


As stated previously, we only use the highest quality balloons – when the balloons are in your possession, they are your responsibility! We can not be held accountable for any damage made after delivery.

Do you sell for balloon release?

We 100% do not support or knowingly ever agree to a balloon release, we work hard to ensure our balloons are tied down securely.

Being responsible with balloons

Care must be exercised to ensure that all decoration items are safely and securely disposed of - please refer to our page on Responsible Use of Balloons

On no account should helium balloons be inhaled or released into the atmosphere.

Please note that the goods supplied are not toys and are not suitable for children to use unsupervised. Ribbons tied to balloons and uninflated balloons can cause choking. It is your responsibility to ensure that all children are appropriately supervised when handling these items. Please read all balloon safety warnings.

Kids Parties

Kids Parties FAQ

Do you have a minimum booking period?

Yes, we need as much notice as you can give us but we ask for a minimum of 4 weeks in advance. We do not hold any booking dates until payment has been received. Upon payment, we order your stock immediately to overcome availability issues and make sure everything arrives on time.

What packages are available and how much do they cost?

You can see our available packages with indicative pricing on our Kids Parties page. As every party is specifically planned for your event and theme, pricing varies depending on your inclusions and must be quoted. We must take into consideration location/venue, number of guests, organisation of  multiple vendors including balloons and florals, face painting, character appearances, balloon twisting, kids DJs, silent discos, activities, cake makers, caterers, jumping castles and more! 

What themes are available?

If you can dream it, we can theme it. Share your vision with us and we'll bring it to life. Check out our Themes page for some party inspiration.

Can I use my preferred suppliers for the cake or something else?

In general, you are welcome to use your own supplier for particular aspects, but please keep in mind this is best discussed during the quoting process to avoid any confusion.


Can I have a party in the park?

The quote will indicate if a particular theme is suitable for outdoors, or indoors only.  All party venues are required to be clean, safe and dry, so even if a party is suitable for outdoors, a backup venue is required in the event of wet or extreme weather. 

What happens if I want to change the theme, add more guests or otherwise change the conditions agreed to in the quote?

We will work with you to achieve a mutually agreeable outcome. Depending on the situation and how difficult the change is to implement, extra costs may apply. Please note that third-party vendors arranged on your behalf have their own terms and conditions that apply.

How long does set up / installation take?

Installation and set up times can drastically vary depending on the scope of your event and staff available but typically take between 3-4 hours. We will discuss access and setup times for your event, and quote accordingly.

Can you decorate using my own decor?
No, we will not use your own decor nor balloons to decorate/style for you. When you hire us, you’re hiring us for our design expert, quality of products and supplies, professionalism & experience. Using other props and supplies that we have not sourced ourselves, do not own or cannot guarantee the quality and safety of puts us at risk should there be an incident occur that results in an insurance claim.

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