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$815 - Themed Chiara Arch Set with 8M Balloons

Enchant your event with our Grand Unicorn Balloon Backdrop. Featuring three whimsical Chiara arches and 8 metres of vibrant balloons, it's perfect for creating a magical focal point at any celebration.

Add a touch of magic to your event with our Grand Balloon Backdrop. Featuring three enchanting Chiara arch backdrops adorned with whimsical designs, this setup offers options for themes like Unicorn, Dinosaur, Winter Sisters, or Avenging Heroes. With approximately 8 metres of vibrant balloons, this backdrop creates a captivating focal point, perfect for birthdays, celebrations, and any occasion that calls for a sprinkle of fantasy and fun!


  • Chiara Arch Set

  • Approximately 8 metres of balloons arranged in a striking display

  • Decorative foil balloons

Available in Unicorn, Frozen, Avengers or Dinosaur theme.

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