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$500 - Under the Sea Half Hoop with 4M of balloons and Foil Decals

Dive into a captivating undersea adventure with our Half Hoop Balloon Display. Featuring five vibrant colours, personalised vinyl decals, and shark foil balloons, this display on a white hoop stand brings oceanic wonder to your event

Immerse your celebration in the magic of the ocean with our Under the Sea-themed Half Hoop Balloon Display. This enchanting setup showcases a stunning arrangement of five beautifully coordinated balloon colours, perfectly capturing the vibrant and playful essence of the underwater world. Adorning a sleek white hoop stand, the display includes personalised vinyl decals and eye-catching shark foil balloons, adding a delightful and unique touch to your décor.

Ideal for birthdays, themed parties, or any event that craves a splash of oceanic charm, this half hoop design effortlessly transforms your venue into an underwater paradise. The carefully crafted display balances elegance and whimsy, creating a memorable backdrop for photos and festivities. Dive into a sea of fun with this captivating decoration and make waves at your next event!


  • 2M White Hoop

  • 5 Colours - Approximately 4M of balloons in an stunning arrangement

  • Decorative foil balloons to match your theme

  • Personalised Vinyl decals

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