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$350 - Black Chiara Arch with 3M of balloons and vinyl decals

Add a touch of elegance to your event with our Black Chiara Arch. Featuring 3 meters of artfully arranged balloons and personalised vinyl decals, this stylish setup makes a striking statement for any celebration.

Introducing our Black Chiara Arch, a sophisticated centerpiece perfect for elevating any event. This sleek setup includes a black Chiara arch adorned with 3 meters of meticulously arranged balloons in your chosen colours. The arch is complemented by custom vinyl decals, adding a personalised touch that enhances the theme of your celebration. Whether it’s for a chic birthday party, a stylish corporate event, or a glamorous wedding, this decor piece brings a modern and elegant flair, making it an unforgettable highlight of your occasion.


  • Single Black Ciara Arch

  • 3 Colours - Approximiately 3 metres of balloons arranged in a striking display

  • Decorative foil balloons

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