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$1000* - Custom Theme - Rainbow Dance Party

Impress at your next event with a bespoke balloon backdrop! Let us create something magnificent from our range of backdrops, custom cutouts, intricate balloon sculptures, vinyl decals, and themed foil balloons. Our custom creations add a stunning focal point tailored to your vision.

Make your event a vibrant celebration with a Custom Balloon Backdrop. This captivating Rainbow Dance Party setup features Chiara arch backdrops, whimsical custom cloud cutouts, a dazzling Rainbow balloon sculpture, themed vinyl decals, and eye-catching number and decorative foil balloons.

Perfect for special occasions that need a bespoke touch, this backdrop creates a lively and enchanting atmosphere that’s sure to wow your guests.

*Please note: Prices for custom creations like this are indicative only. To bring your unique vision to life, email us at for a personalised quote.

Included in this custom display:

  • Chiara arch backdrops

  • Custom cloud cutouts

  • Rainbow balloon sculpture

  • Vinyl decals

  • Number and decorative foil balloons

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